Sunday, January 4, 2015

Big Sister

My sister Vivian was 18 months old when I was born and was my “big sister” for many years. As a Great Grandfather of Sadie and Jack, who have a 20 month spread in their ages, I couldn’t help but relate to this Family circus cartoon. I expect that sometime within the next year they could be caught in a similar situation. While it would be easy for me to offer some sympathy to Jack for the possibility of living in the shadow of a big sister, as I did for some time; I would also have to tell him of the benefits. A big sister can establish a pathway for a little brother to follow. She can have friends who will help a little brother to be a part of the group. She will establish a standard of excellence in school work that will keep the little brother challenged. She will even help him appreciate the pleasure of singing. Vivian and I sang, “Jesus Loves Me” before the Methodist Church when I was 5 years old. The way Sadie likes to sing, “even if she doesn’t know the words”, Jack may be on stage before 5.

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