Thursday, January 29, 2015

Moving PODS in Seward

We enjoyed seeing a “Pod” mover in operation this morning as it unloaded a Pod and placed it in a parking space in front to the vacant store with the red awning. The driver of the flatbed truck 
(at the left edge of the picture)parked in the street ; used the “mover’s” hydraulic system to drop it’s wheels to the street, raise the pod off the flatbed and move it off the back end of the truck. He then lowered the pod as shown in the picture. The two front corners of the mover had duel swivel wheels and it was moved by the rear powered wheels. The “driver" was able to move the pod into a 
parking stall in front of the vacant building. The pod was lowered to the street with the cables supporting it retracted. The operator backed the mover away from the pod and squared it up behind the flatbed truck. He then backed the truck inside the mover, raised its wheels which lowered the mover onto the flatbed and was ready to move on. I understand that the vacant area with the red awning will be occupied by Verizon. They have had a store here in Seward for some time and assume they will be moving to this location. We have utilized their products and service for some time and wish them well with their move. Googling “Pods" provides much more information. 

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