Sunday, January 25, 2015

Crater Lake

We attended a program on Crater Lake at the Library this afternoon presented by Jack & Lynette Broderick. They are both retired school teachers and did an excellent job. It brought back memories of a trip we made with Elaine’s folks and 3 of our little kids back in 1956. Our new Pontiac station wagon took us to California, up through Oregon, Idaho, Yellowstone NP and home safely. I didn’t take my Diary along due to limited space, but did manage to make entries as to where we were each day after we got home. After Brodericks’s presentation, we tried to recall if we had visited Crater Lake when we were very close to it. We know we were at Grants Pass and Klamath Falls and have pictures of Elaine’s folks at the National Lava beds. And, recall driving past Lake Albert while en route from Klamath Falls to Burns, but can’t seem to put all the pieces together. And, in reality, it doesn’t matter. It was a great trip with many enlightening experiences. Lynette told how she and Jack have traveled together to many interesting places but as they talk about them, they have very separate memories. This is a bit like our memories of Crater Lake; as vivid as they are, we have never been there. 

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