Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

This  picture was taken by a friend at a Christmas party a couple weeks ago. It was just sent to me and felt it deserved a spot on a blog page. There are those who would say that the reason for the pleasant expression was not because of the Scotch but rather because it was complementary. We did have a very nice time at the party  and were also given a gift card for a new restaurant in the Lincoln Fallbrook area. Elaine took down Christmas decorations today with a bit of help.  They are all back in a storage area that will need to be reopened as we prepare for a major garage sale this spring. I am putting finishing touches on my records, pictures, and Highlights as we “wrap up” 2014. I completed 3 pages of picture collages this evening that contain some 125 selected pictures from the year. We will work on the captions for them tomorrow. I enjoy the challenge of doing it and as I’ver mentioned before, “It doesn’t take much to make an old man Happy."

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