Saturday, January 10, 2015

Julie’s 10th Birthday

Today is Granddaughter Julie’s birthday. This picture was taken at my Mother’s house some years ago when we were celebrating her 10th. Elaine and I had taken a job over in Ankeny, IA a few months earlier but were back in Seward for  Dad’s funeral and the Holidays. Though we got back to Seward every 2-3 weeks, our being gone was difficult for Julie to accept. From the time she was a baby, Julie spent enough time with us that she was like our 5th child. I don’t recall  having to scold her very often but a few days before this picture was taken, she jumped up from behind the couch in the basement family room to scare me. According to my Journal, “I scolded her and told her she could cause me to have a heart attack that way. It concerned her so that she came up to her room - got her old Nellie doll to hug and sat in her chair and cried. I held her on my lap for about half an hour getting her cheered up.” This picture was taken just a couple days later on New Year’s Day before leaving to drive back to Ankeny. There may have been some “carry over emotion” from that earlier incident showing as we celebrated her birthday and took the picture. Happy Birthday Julie. We Love You. Always have-Always will. 

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