Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chipped Dried Beef

Elaine often asks me what we had for lunch when I come home from Kiwanis since it effects her plans for our evening meal. When I told her of having chipped dried beef gravy on mashed potatoes, she remembered how much we enjoyed that when the kids were all home. We also ate a lot of it on toast even when we had the Motor Home. But, we hadn’t had any for several years. The discussion stimulated her appetite such that we had to get some which we found in the Deli counter at Mike’s Market. We remember of buying it in little glasses, and it was a very economical way to “feed a family”. Mike himself was back in the Deli when we found it and asked how much we wanted as he pulled out the chunk to slice. In the process, he said maybe I’d better tell you  the price before you tell me how much you want; it’s $14.40/pound. My first response was that maybe 3 ounces would fix us up but Elaine’s better judgement led to our getting just over $6.00 worth. She fixed about half of it in gravy for supper this evening along with the mashed potatoes, green beans, English Toast bread with apple butter and Fudge Swirl ice cream for dessert. We enjoyed it more than we would have going out to the finest restaurant in town and it was still an inexpressive Dinner.

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  1. We have creamed dried beef over white bread toasted every once in awhile. I try to keep a couple jars of it on hand for a quick meal when needed I know it isn't nearly that expensive but you have enough for more than one meal. I'll have to check the price the next time I'm at the store.