Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lunch with Don and Gladys

We enjoyed a delicious lunch this noon with my brother Don and Gladys at Grandmothers on 70th and Pioneer Bl’vd in Lincoln. We not only enjoyed the food and visit but also family pictures  they had printed earlier.We had an exceptionally efficient server who was celebrating her birthday today and took the picture. Don tipped her generously with what was left on the gift card that covered our lunches. (Thanks again). We then all went to the Rockbrook Camera store where I had my camera lens cleaned and where Don & Gladys were looking at new cameras. We went back downtown and did a bit of shopping. We saw people out golfing in this record breaking 64 degree day. Larry called  from California this morning and gave me some ideas on what to further check on my garage door opener (that I wrote about yesterday). I followed his suggestions, got down on my hands and knees and checked the sensor alignment with a flash light, made some adjustments and Lo and Behold, it works. Thanks Larry. 

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