Monday, June 30, 2014

Clark Kolterman & The 4th of July City

Clark Kolterman, "Mr. 4th of July City" spoke at Kiwanis this noon on the upcoming Holiday. He told of the 126 years of the City celebrations and how it has evolved to a nationally recognized event. Seward was featured as one of 5 places in United States to spend the 4th on the Today show. It was noted on the program that our city of 7,000 will grow to some 40,000 during the course of the day. The days events begin with community breakfast at the VFW and Civic Center, etc. and concludes with a giant Fireworks Extravaganza. I will sing with our Kiwanis Kitones at noon at the Civic Center. We also host friends and relatives at our place for the Parade at 4:00pm. The parade begins a couple blocks before passing right in front of our house so our double driveway and front lawn are usually filled. I try to keep blankets off the lawn until the morning of the 4th but some lawns are nearly covered on the 3rd. It is a "big day" in Seward and Clark Kolterman has done a lot to make it what it is. 

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