Sunday, June 29, 2014

Seward United Methodist Church

The last Sunday Morning church service in the Seward United Methodist Church Sanctuary was held on January 19, 2014. A leaking water problem led to finding mold and other problems which are being resolved. Worship services have been held in the Church Fellowship Hall where folding chairs are set theatre style. Music is provided with an upright piano. Expectations are that Services can return to the Sanctuary by the end of July. This morning the Trustees invited the congregation to visit it to see the structural revisions being made and the progress on the project. It includes a new heating/air conditioning system and rebuilt alter area.
The Trustees have done a "yeoman's" job on the project and of keeping the congregation informed of the problems and progress. Reverend Dale Lambert continues to have great sermons, but it will be good to be back where the organ music can be a part of establishing  a climate of worship. I am probably biased about organ music in church but I grew-up with piano music for Sunday School and Organ music for Church. It was one of those things that I just took for granted during much of my lifetime. It was part of what made church, Church. While I realize one's relationship with their God shouldn't require organ music, it helps me with the communication. 

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