Monday, June 2, 2014

Home Maintenance and Dam Rehabilitation

After going to coffee this morning and Kiwanis this noon, I put on some "work clothes" and cleaned gutters. We got an inch and a half of rain yesterday evening and the eves overflowed. The downspouts were plugged with debris from the trees and the eves had accumulated a lot of the "sandy" type material that the Mother's Day hail and heavy rain knocked off the shingles. I couldn't see any damage to the roof other than the loss of the sandy stuff. It was a joint project with Elaine handing me the little bucket and big spoon to pick up the debris and then the hose to flush things out. This was the first time for a couple years that we cleaned up all the gutters on the west side as well as the east side of the house. I showered before going to an NRD/NRCS public meeting on the rehabilitation of one of the Oak-Middle Creek Watershed Detention Dams. It was interesting to hear of the alternatives that can be considered since they have already exceeded the economic life expectancy. Whether it's our houses or Watershed Dams, we don't realize how quickly and how often they require significant maintenance and renovation. 

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  1. I think you should have waited for the gutter cleaning and let Larry & I do it for you when we come. I don't believe you should be doing that sort of thing - you sure don't need any broken bones!!!