Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Family is Special

We and the Sorge's met Don and Gladys at the Chinese Restaurant and Mongolian Grill for lunch today in Lincoln. We enjoyed an abundance of tasty food and conversation. One memory seemed to stimulate at least two others. Janice told of pinching her upper lip to relieve leg crams which reminded Don of Dad's use of a "twitch" to inflict pain to a horses nose in order to pour Epson Salts down the horse's throat.  We drove past the house on Cleveland Street where Sorge's lived from '59-'65. Some of the improvements they made on the property are still very much in use. Needless to say, the trees had grown considerably. We stopped by the new Fallbrook Branch of the Cattle Bank and Trust that was just dedicated this past Saturday. It is a beautiful facility.

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