Sunday, June 8, 2014

Prime of Life

Elaine and I received numerous congratulations as we celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary this past week. (5th) This picture however, was taken 40 years ago at the time of our 25th. While we didn't know it at the time, we were probably at the "height of our game" about then. Batting averages are a good way to recognize when baseball players reach their peak, though there are other factors. Alex Gordon is raising his batting average this year and hopefully will continue to do so. I doubt that he will improve his fielding since he is already at such a high level. Elaine and I may have reached the peak of our "physical appearance" about this time. And, somewhere along the line, began to decline.  We both received  a couple promotions after this picture was taken as we continued to accumulate knowledge and ability in our fields of operation.  I like to think that lifetime experience can go a long way in compensating for the physical features that decline over time.  As our memories of names, facts, etc. become hazy, it's great to have Google for a crutch. I have read that people were once judged by what they had learned and now people are judged by what they can find on  Google, etc. But nothing can take the place of experience. 

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