Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Great Birthday

What a Birthday.  How best to top it off with Angle Food cake and a Great-Granddaughter. She is a little "live-wire" and delights in checking out everything I may have in my shirt pocket. She learned how to "retract" my ballpoint pen and knew that the point had to be out if she were to make marks. She demonstrated her singing skills after finishing her dinner. She likes roasting ears and just about every thing else. We walked out around the Owens yard and she tried to pronounce the name of all the new shrubs after we identified them. It was a nice way to spend a birthday. I even enjoyed sitting down and reading a couple chapters of "The Aviator's Wife".
Our Dinner at Julie, John and Sadie's was a Seward family affair. Carolyn and Ben were very much involved in the preparation as was Elaine with baking the cake. As a kid, Angle Food cake was my favorite. Mother never had a cake pan until I was older and even tried to make one in a regular pan which didn't work. One of my Aunt's baked one for my 10th birthday  which helped make her a favorite. It is difficult today for people to understand the agony my Mother must have felt by not having the money to buy an Angle Food cake pan when she would have so liked to bake one for me. As times got better and she did get a pan, it was used not only for my birthday but for other special occasions. Elaine has baked many of them over the years but hadn't done one for a while. Having one today along with family along with cards and phone calls, made this day very Special. 

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