Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Postcard Home

This picture postcard of Mt. Hood is one I came across this pm while looking through a packet of old cards. I wrote the card on 11/5/72 from Portland, OR and sent it to Elaine back in Virginia. I was spending the weekend there after flying out on Thursday pm. I was on the program at the Training Center on Friday and met with June Webber, Oregon State Conservationist. Bob Corazza picked me up on Saturday morning and we took Cal & Bob Graham along on drive out to the ocean from Newton to Tillamook, OR and back to Portland through a Forest burn area that looked like the stump in the picture.. The trip also served as my interview of Bob for an Administrative Trainee position in SCS. I went to church on Sunday morning, wrote the card to Elaine, and Rex Tracy picked me up for dinner at their home. Tom Dempster had me to their place for supper. After discussing personnel matters (and problems) with people in Portland, I flew to Spokane, WA where I met with Gaylen Bridge, Washington State Conservationist. The next day I met with the Area Conservationist and took Lou and Edna Kehne out for supper.  I flew to Albuquerque, NM, the next day where I met with Hollis Madison and interviewed a couple more people. We visited Old Town that evening. I spoke at the NM Awards luncheon the next day and flew to Lincoln, NE. I spent Saturday with my folks in their recently purchased retirement home in Seward. Vivian and Eddy Soucek took me to the Lincoln airport on Sunday afternoon and I flew home to Virginia. I had been the Soil Conservation Service, Director of Personnel for only a few months, and this is an example of my travels where I always tried to tie several meetings together. It was a demanding schedule and one for a young, energetic person. 

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