Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fiberglass Art

This past January 29th, my blog was on a "Life Size Moose" that was "made" here in Seward by a new business for Canada and sent to Russia for the Winter Olympics. Yesterday, Pat Keough spoke to Kiwanis and told us about his business. He had parked a trailer with this load of 6' high  cowboy boots, American Eagle and Gnome near the Civic Center. Pat was accompanied by his son who assists him with his Fiberglass Public Art projects. The family moved to Seward a couple years ago to be near a Granddaughter and her parents. Pat told of having worked for the Railroad for a number of years but after a layoff went to work for a friend to learn this business.
The Keoughs ship these products throughout the US and abroad. The big boots are going to a city in Texas where they will be artistically painted by individual businesses or organizations as a promotion for some worthy cause. They will then be auctioned and the revenue donated to the cause. They indicated that they typically raise many times the cost of the item which may be in the 200-300 dollar amount. Some of course are much more expensive. One of those present at the meeting yesterday had been to Yellowstone NP where Keoughs had provided some Buffalo. She had a picture of one that had been "decorated" with a beautiful landscape picture of the area. I won't attempt to describe the process of creating the objects. Rosin, Fiberglass, etc. is poured into forms as the basic part of the process realizing that developing the "models" and forms is the hard part. Pat does not consider himself an artist.

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