Thursday, June 5, 2014

65th Wedding Anniversary

This picture was taken immediately following Elaine and my Wedding at the United Church of Christ in Seward, NE on June 5, 1949. Wilson Studios did not use color film back in those days. Mrs. Hotovy who lived on a farm near Dwight provided the flowers to do all the decorating. Rev. Seybold conducted the ceremony. Elaine's friend Midge was her Maid of Honor and brother Don was my Best Man. Gladys was a Bridesmaid and Dale was a Groomsman. Janice and Jerry lit the candles. Helen played the organ, Keith Newton sang and the Church was filled with relatives and friends. A reception was held in the Church Lower Level where more pictures were taken. We had rented a furnished apartment here in Seward where Elaine was working for the Extension Service and I was with the Soil Conservation Service. After the normal "chase around town" and hiding out at Midge's place in the country, we spent our first night in our apartment. 

We had made arrangements to drive the Folks' '48 Fleetline Chevy on a Wedding Trip. And, had the car hid-out but it still got decorated. We were awakened early the next morning by a neighbor's alarm clock and were on our way. One of the fellows I worked with drove a little Crosley car which he parked on the street in front of the their house near our apartment. We suspected that he had been involved in decorating our car so we "bounced" his little car up on the lawn and were on our way to California. Elaine had a favorite Uncle Bob out in Santa Anna where we headquartered. He and Carlene had no children and were most hospitable in getting us to Tijuana, Knotts Berry Farm, and to visit other relatives, etc. On our way home we visited many places of interest including Salt Lake City and saw heavy snow on Trail Ridge Road in Rockey Mountain National Park. It was a great trip and a great start to a marriage which has its 65th Anniversary today. We celebrated today with lunch at Olive Garden.

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