Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Tree Grows in Seward

Fred Goehner had built a new house of Colorado Limestone in Seward, and my partner and I were doing the landscaping. We sold material for Nebraska Nurseries in Lincoln. They delivered 5 big Pin Oaks, and we planted them along with other shrubs at the Goehner house on April 26, 1958. My partner in the landscaping business and I both had full-time jobs but this was a "side-line. There were no other landscaping services available in Seward back in those days so we provided a needed service. Our "day" jobs were not very high paying and with families to support the extra income was important.  
Here is how the tree looks today that Fred and I were standing by 56 years ago. The house has continued to be one of Seward's fine homes. It has had a very limited number of owners since the Goehner's passed on. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of giving the current owners copies of the above and another picture of my partner digging the hole in which the tree was planted. We moved to Lincoln later in the summer of '58, and my days of landscaping were over. I had been promoted to an Engineering Technician position and enrolled in UN-L as a part-time student. It was a good move that led to a very successful and gratifying career of Federal service with the Soil Conservation Service in USDA.

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