Friday, June 27, 2014

Depot becomes a House

This was Seward's early Burlington Depot. It was moved off the site and replaced with a brick structure in the 1910-12 time frame. This building was moved across Ash Street at the foot of and on the west side of 4th St. where Francis Eckhard and the "Tiger Press" resided for a number of years. Francis was a U.S. Postal Letter Carrier and his Tiger Press turned out Greeting Cards for Letter Carriers throughout the country. He was a great guy along with his wife Leta. Here is how the Depot, over 100 years old looks today.
The trim  and roof overhang continue to remind those who know, the history of the house. It had a slate roof for a number of years which has now been replaced with a metal one. The Eckhard's had an apartment on the second floor which they rented out. I'm not aware of the situation today other than the place appears to be well maintained. Among my memories of the site is when President Harry S. Truman made a "Whistle Stop" there on May 8, 1950. Elaine and I had been married less than a year and I noted that she baked an Angle Food Cake with 7 minute frosting on that date in addition to our seeing the President and hearing his comments. 

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