Monday, June 9, 2014

I Never Promised ...

I have taken several pictures over the years of "the last rose of summer" but this is our first Tea Rose of this summer. We have a Paul's Scarlet blooming on our backyard fence and a couple little florabundas but they are not like this one. While I "fancied" myself as a rose grower at one time, other interest have taken priority and off the top of my head, can't even give this one a name. I'm sure we bought it on a close out sale at Orscheln's some years ago and planted it in the flower bed under our clump River Birches in the back yard. Now that I don't play golf regularly, I may rekindle my interest in roses and gardening in general. Back in the '50's we had a rose garden with over 20 named tea roses but that was when we were selling for Nebraska Nurseries and I could buy them "bare root" for $1.50. We also had a nice rose garden at our Ridge Road house in Arlington, VA in the '70's. Lynn Anderson had a hit record of "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" which motivated me to plant one for Elaine. I probably enjoyed singing the song to her as much as I did "smelling" the roses. I always added, "But I Planted One for You Anyway". She liked it, and we still enjoy our roses. 

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