Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kondike Kalamity-A Melodrama

We attended the Goehner Players presentation of Klondike Kalamity at the Olde Dinner Theatre this evening. The Goehner Players did Melodramas in Goehner for many years until their Director passed on some 8 years ago and their Theatre became a Church. When the old Presbyterian Church became available here is Seward, the Chamber of Commerce became the new owners and have made it available to the group. It was a bit nostalgic going back to where we attended Church Services for a number of years. The pews are all gone from the Sanctuary, the Chancel has been cleared out and is now the stage where the performers are standing. The Old Indian is standing in about the location of the Pulpit where I once gave a Soil Stewardship Sunday Sermon. It appeared to be a sold out crowd of some 150 people in attendance for a prime rib dinner  with dessert and then popcorn and drinks at intermission. The Melodrama is running from June 4 through the 14th. The Chamber will continue to "book" other activities into the facility. It appears a good way to utilize an old, but sturdy building, by its "resurrection".

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