Thursday, June 19, 2014

Check the Connections

We have several phones around our house. When Norm built it back it 1969 for Mrs. Brockhoff, he put phone connections in nearly every room. We now have 3 old button phones, 3 cordless phones and a Cell phone. A number was left on our answering machine yesterday that  I was to call this morning to set up an appointment with Dr. Tewes when he comes out to Seward on Monday. I picked up the phone (shown) that sets on the lamp table between our two chairs, dialed the number and it showed "connecting" but nothing happened. I unplugged it, unplugged the battery, pushed all the buttons, read the instruction booklet but nothing helped. I took it and the instructions along down to coffee. Rich has considerable knowledge of electrical, mechanical and other things gained over the years as the owner/operator of a men's clothing store, including tailoring and working with sewing machines, Chief of the Fire Department, a Security Officer and his personal curiosity. 
Rich looked it over down at coffee, read the instruction booklet, quized me about the mate to this phone, how it hooked up to the telephone line, etc. He could find nothing on the phone or in the instructions that enabled the "connecting" to  be removed. Rich decided he needed to make a "house call" and followed me home. We unplugged the phone, and he went to the kitchen to see the other phone. There on the counter top lay the phones plug in. While we had house guests and much stuff on the counter, it got knocked out. Elaine heard it drop out but thought it was for the can opener which she seldom uses. Rich plugged it in, and our problem was solved. It pays to have friends that are smarter than us as we grow older. 

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