Sunday, June 15, 2014

Great Fathers Day

We had a great Father's Day with Janice and Larry. Slept late, read papers, went to 11:00am Church at St. Johns and witnessed a most meaningful & impressive Baptism of young Grant by Rev. Andrew and children. Beautiful Service with excellent sermon. We all enjoyed it. After lunch we went to the Seward County Museum in Goehner, We not only enjoyed many of the items in the Museum but also the old house in the background and on to Beaver Crossing to see the effects of the Mother's Day Tornado. We were home for a few minutes and had Dinner at the Cafe on the Square. We drove around town past houses that brought back memories to Janice and Larry. We got back home about 7:35pm to hear a reminder of the 7:30 City Band Concert. We didn't miss much and enjoyed hearing Julie and John playing in the band and visiting with Carolyn as she took care of Sadie during the concert. 
Many homes in Beaver Crossing were destroyed and nearly all suffered damage to some degree. This has been a most picturesque house at the western edge of town that has considerable damage. I hope it can be restored to its former attractiveness. I did miss Father's Day calls from the boys by being gone. 

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