Saturday, June 21, 2014

Independence Landing

Mark Kolterman and I are shown here at the Independence Landing which was dedicated today and includes a handicapped accessible fishing pier. It is the culmination of several years of effort by Mark and Shane Baack and involved many individuals, organizations and agencies. It enables individuals in wheel chairs to access a covered dock where they can fish for Bass, Bluegill, etc. that have been stocked in the pond by the Nebraska Game and Parks. The pond has been dredged, Water Gardens have been planted, other features have been installed which makes it a "destination" point in the Seward Community. Even the stainless steel sign, supported by old paving bricks, was fabricated locally and donated.
The Dedication was culminated with the passing of the "Key" from Shane and Mark to the Mayor, Josh Eickmeier, City Administrator, Council Members and Mel Aldrich. The project exemplifies what can be done in a community with people working together toward a common goal. Mark and Shane have provided the leadership and they have encouraged participation by many people who now feel an "ownership" in the project. I'm even thinking about getting out some of my old fishing gear and giving it a try. It is available to anyone, and I do have a "lifetime" fishing license. 

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