Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sadie's visit

Sadie and Grandma Carolyn  had lunch with us this noon. She is a good eater and probably ate more for lunch than us adults. She fed herself for the most part as she ate toast and peanut butter sandwiches, eggs, and apple sauce and drank water out of an 8 oz. bottle. She was finishing off her lunch here with a Ritz cracker. She is putting more words together and tries to say everything. Her 22 Month birthday will be later this week and has a definite mind of her own. She was pretty proud of herself by being able to set in a big chair and up at the table just like the rest of us. Carolyn got a thick telephone book for her to set on which put her up high enough to eat off her plate. We spent some time out on the deck where she and I took a "selfie" but it didn't turn out very well. She has excellent eye/hand coordination and demonstrates that by pouring water from one cup to another. My old Kiwanis thermos cups are put to good use. We were in a weather alert day over much of the State today and it isn't over yet. Tornado's have been spotted out west and damaging hail fell in  the Norfolk area.

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