Monday, June 16, 2014

Enjoying House Guest

We continue to enjoy Janice and Larry's visit. After Larry went along with me to  Kiwanis this noon, we went for a ride out to the old Vrana farm where Janice was born and lived till she was about 10 years old. The farm was still in the family for several more years; so she and I both have many memories associated with it. I pointed out the spot on the District 13 schoolyard where I was able to tell the first classmate I met  that January 21st, that we had a twin sister and brother arrive earlier that morning. The old windmill and a Walnut tree in the building site are the only 2 markers remaining to provide perspective. It is the farm where I "grew up". 
We also enjoyed a pair of Baltimore Orioles on our recently purchased feeder this afternoon. We had seen a male come and go occasionally but this was the first time we had a pair. I didn't get up from my place at the kitchen table for fear of scaring them away so the picture is a little fuzzy. The Orioles, House Finch, Humming Birds and others seem to enjoy the grape jelly. Our weather has been rather frightful today with hail at Utica and Raymond this morning and Tornado's in the Burwell area this evening. I went to Kitone practice this evening in preparation for singing at Ridgewood Care Center next week. Our last "Gig" of the season will be at the Civic Center as part of the Seward 4th of July celebration. We have had "standing room only" crowds there for all the years I've sung with the group. We always finish with "Battle Hymn" which produces a standing ovation. It is always an inspiring event. We have another big day lined up for tomorrow that will involve brother Don & Gladys from Syracuse, NE

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