Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Washington D.C. in 1949

These 4 fellows and I went back to Quantico, VA in January of 1949 to get a Plymouth coupe from Don Armstrong's brother who was an Officer in the Marine Corps. We spent a day in Washington, D.C. where a cab driver took us around. We just pulled in to the Washington Monument when he pulled up behind us and offered to spend most of the day taking us from place to place for a small fee. It worked out great, and he knew about how much time to give us at the various stops and was there to pick us up at the allocated time. I think it cost each of us $5.00. Here is Ed Pollak, brother Don, Lawrence Wilken & Don Armstrong.
The thought never entered my mind that 13 years later we would be living in the DC area and showing visitors around. This picture was near the Jefferson Memorial the day that we headed back to Nebraska with the two cars. My old '41 Chevy worked pretty well on the trip. We had to change a flat tire in West Virginia and had it and the radio fixed after we go to Fredricksburg, VA. The same group of us had gone to Yellowstone in '46, the Ozarks that same fall. Ed, brother Don, and I went to Chicago in the fall of '48 where we saw our first Major League baseball games. We also all went on a couple hunting trips before we all got married and had other traveling experiences. 

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