Monday, July 28, 2014

Double Header Kiwanis Program

Larry Dix, Executive Director of the Nebraska Association of County Officials joined Dennis Kahl in presenting a "double-header" program at Kiwanis today. We had a large group in attendance with members of the Seward Chamber of Commerce and SCED also invited. Mr. Dix is headquartered in Lincoln and follows the action of the Legislature and it's potential effect on Nebraska's 93 units of County Government. He took us through the Budgeting cycle for Counties and the other entities whose budgets are included in the County assessment. Education is the most significant factor in County budgets and all must be within the Constitutional amendment which sets a 50cent/100dollar valuation, levy limit. The recent  increase in the valuation of Ag land was discussed but he saw nothing underway to change what some see as a significant "shift". 
Dennis Kahl is shown here presenting an award to Amanda Kessler for her involvement in an Extension Service program called "UNITE 16 - Building Entrepreneurial Communities." It involves a small group of young people having a series of monthly meetings aimed at building and enhancing skills and networking. The program for the day was introduced by Johathan Jank, our Director of Seward County Economic Development, which stands to profit by better public understanding of both presentations. They were so impressive that I even committed to play golf in the Kiwanis 4-person scramble on Friday.

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