Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tree Trimming on a Busy Day

Nearly 30 years ago, I brought an 18" Concolor Fir tree to town and planted it in the SW corner of our back yard. I had grown it from a seedling in a nursery row at the farm garden. It is now some 35' high and this morning a city crew was here with their "bucket truck" to cut away limbs that were endangering telephone, TV & electrical lines. It is my favorite species of trees and for years it has been a beautiful "corner stone" for our back yard. Too often we think of trees growing very slowly but seldom do we consider how soon they outgrow the space that has been allocated to them. The necessary trimming done today has certainly ruined the appearance of the tree, and I may trim off more of the lower branches.
The City guys were here as we ate breakfast and also did some trimming of our Red Oak. Elaine called me home from coffee when a Time Warner technician was here to do some adjusting to our recently installed TV box. It has required us to learn a whole new schedule of stations but the reception is great. I had a 11:45am Dentist appointment to have a tooth filled which was most uncomfortable. After a late lunch, I worked with Marv  on a Kiwanis Flag project grant application. Following an "eye-treatment" nap, I participated in a Board Meeting. It was a busy day. Charles M. Schulz, founder of "Peanuts", words of wisdom apply: "I think I've discovered the secret to life--you just hang around until you get used to it."

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