Monday, July 14, 2014

Dr. Ronald P Tewes, M.D.

I had occasion to meet Dr. Ronald P. Tewes (pronounced Ta'ves) this morning and was very favorably impressed. Dr. Tewes is a native of Seward, attended Concordia and graduated from the University of Nebraska, Med Center. He has been a part of the Lincoln Orthopedic Center since 1993. My right shoulder has given me some problems for many years. It limited my follow-through during the years I was playing golf. I used exercises to minimize the problem. It included a series of pulling on a rubber hose with various motions. On one occasion, some years ago, I had a shot of Cortisone. About 2 months ago, my shoulder would pain to the extent that it hampered my sleeping if I laid on it.  Ibuprofen and Aleve helped. In discussing the problem with our family Doctor, he gave me a shot of Cortisone and suggested I see Dr. Tewes when he came out to our Speciality Clinic. The X-Rays showed the absence of cartilage between the ball & socket so it's just bone-on-bone. Dr. Tewes recommendation was first to use Tylenol as necessary, then go to the Advil or Ibuprofen or Cortisone and finally to surgery. He indicated that most surgeries of this kind for older people are to alleviate pain. If it can be done with the alternatives, so much the better. That was good news to me.

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