Sunday, July 13, 2014

Playing with Sadie

 We went to early (8:30) Church this morning and were back home to take care of Sadie for a while. She was her usual "inquisitive" self. During the time we had her, we watered the flowers in the back yard, filled the bird baths, read Dr. Seuss stories, played with Carolyn's old cell phone, ate a peanut butter sandwich, danced to Polka music, turned somersaults, played with a doll, a puzzle that made animal noises, ran a little JD tractor through the living room, ate bits of strawberry, sang "Pony Boy" while getting a ride on my foot, looked at Sadie pictures on the laptop, sat on Elaine's lap and made drawings with a ball point pen, practiced counting, rested on our big bed, tried to work my transistor radio but it didn't have buttons nor a screen, read a "Mother Goose Rhyme" book, got the dominoes out, threw a piece of her puzzle behind the couch, and all of that was during the first hour that she was here. She is a real inspiration to us as we continue to marvel at her abilities. 

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