Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visiting Sadie & Listening to Larry

We had an opportunity to get out and visit Sadie this evening. This is Julie and John's 4th Wedding Anniversary and they had gone out for Dinner. Carolyn was babysitting, and we drove out to spend a bit of time with them. Sadie is putting more words together and understands everything we say. Her pronunciation of words is improving to the point of saying some words very accurately. She is already talking about the Birthday Party she hears her folks talking about on the 6th of August. She gets up to the preschool playground frequently, and we understand that she really enjoys reacting with other kids. We really appreciate the pleasure of being a part of our first Great Grand Child's childhood. 
After visiting Carolyn and Sadie, Ben picked us up and took us to the Seward Memorial Library where Dr. Larry Grothaus spoke on "Charles Lindbergh: A Man of Contrasts". The 2014 All Seward Reads Together selection is "The Aviator's Wife" by Melanie Benjamin. Larry did an excellent job of leading the discussion. Many of those in the audience had read the book and were old enough to remember Charles Lindbergh as a Hero. A comment was made that Benjamin was successful in "burying a hero". She will be in the Library in September for what should be another very interesting program. Thanks Library Staff and especially Charlotte for these programs.

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