Monday, July 7, 2014

Memorial Services

Vicki Newman from the Lincoln Family Funeral Care provided the program at Kiwanis today. She presented useful information and did it in a very professional manner. While it isn't a subject that most people would have requested to follow the big 4th Holiday, it was something we all needed to hear. She provided each of us with an 18-page packet of material with valuable information. Vicki had been a Grief Consular at one time in her career. She spoke of the importance of survivors talking about their relationship with the deceased. Pictures and written incidents that bring back memories are valuable in getting people to talk about the individual. It will help them through the grief process. She told some interesting stories of Memorial Services she helped arrange including one where the luncheon was a Tea Party. We have personally done quite a bit of "preplanning", but her message and packet of material will help us to do more. Thanks Vicki.

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