Friday, July 18, 2014

A Sadie Visit to Top-Off the Day

Elaine and I spent part of this afternoon in Dr. Mausolf's Ophthalmologist office in Lincoln. We both came out with good reports but I am having new lenses made from a slightly changed prescription. We had planned to stop by the Sunken Gardens to look at the flowers on our way home but after having our eyes dilated, we just kept going for home. The traffic on #34 is always heavy  during the commuting hours so we were glad to be home for a good spaghetti supper.
After the stress of the eye exams and the tension of driving home with dilated eyes, we were pleased to get out to see Sadie this evening. She was having a good day, had been to the playground and enjoyed the outdoors. She enjoys playing with Legos and driving her little tractor under the Arch that Grandma had made for her. Her highlight of the evening was singing while watching a Cardinal at the bird feeder outside the window. It doesn't take much to get her started. A drinking straw serving as a saxophone is all that's needed. I hope she continues her interest and love of music. With Julie and John's background, it should be pretty natural. 

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