Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A House On 1st Street

Rich announced the solution at coffee yesterday to a question which confronted us since last Thursday morning when we saw this sight of a house going down our street. It was further confirmed with the arrival of the Seward Independent today with this picture and the story. The house came from E. Roberts St. and was moved due to expansion of the Seward Memorial Hospital facility. The house was bought by a couple from Milford and moved to that City. It took about 3 hours as they utilized seldom used gravel roads. We had observed City crews doing some tree trimming earlier and didn't connect that with a house moving. Needles to say, it  was a surprise when Elaine called me out of the bathroom to see a house going by. Then we questioned where it came from and where it was going. It doesn't take much to make old people curious. I remember when Lyle Mason built the house some 20-25 years ago and we drove past it every time we picked up Home Delivered Meals, but just didn't recognize it as it went by. Hopefully, it will make the new owners a Happy Home.

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