Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vrana Family Reunion

Many of us were involved today in a family reunion down at Syracuse, NE. Brother Don, his wife Gladys (back left) and their 4 daughters were "in charge". They did an outstanding job making it a very enjoyable day. Our son Tim and his son Tony drove in last evening. Jon, Mary and Anna flew in to Omaha and drove out. Carolyn, Julie and Sadie are also shown in the  picture. The girls in the background are Don & Gladys' Granddaughters. Elaine is standing next to Tony in the front. Tony is a bit of a family name. Our Dad was Anton, called Tony, my nickname has been Tony since High School. There were two other Grandsons named Tony there and another Tony who lives in Wisconsin didn't make it. We all had a Great time. Thanks to all the Syracuse People!

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