Friday, July 11, 2014

Sadie, Tony, etc.

Sadie loves to take pictures with "Photo Booth". Tony was having about as much fun watching her as she was doing it. I was just observing from the background. We have just turned on the TV for the Royals/Tigers baseball game in Kansas City. Tim and Tony left after lunch on their way home but have tickets for the game tonight. They are setting in the front row of centerfield seats. Tim has a light colored shirt and Tony the dark blue one that you see in the picture. They were planning to be there to see batting practice and to walk around the concourse since Tony has never seen a game there. They are regretting that Alex Gordon is injured and will miss the All-Star game.
Tim & Tony are driving their red Honda Accord. It is a 2011 model that gives them good gas mileage. They put many miles on it during the course of a year, so that is important. With our amount of driving, the comfort of our La Sabre is more important than the mileage. After seeing them off, I had a dental appointment  this afternoon. It was a continuation of my "deep cleaning" by a Periodontist who does a very professional job. She displayed all my "numbers" on a screen to show the improvement since my last appointment. I believe there were 6  numbers for each tooth. The box score showed in color the couple that were not as good as the previous reading. Technology continues to impress me but it is her professionalism and caring mannerism that keeps me going back-not the technology.

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