Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jerry & Lyn Hemphill's 50th Wedding Anniversary

We participated in the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration this afternoon honoring Jerry and Lyn Hemphill. The event was held in the Chamber of Commerce "Olde Glory Theatre here in Seward. There was a good turnout of friends and relatives. There were many from the Utica area that included some old friends we hadn't seen for some time. Jerry has been a frequent morning coffee drinker with our group for a number of years. He serves with the Utica Rescue Squad which is called to accidents on I-80 quite often. He has had considerable experience as an electrician and helped me install a kitchen light in our house .
Jerry brings many interesting stories to the table for discussion. He has even been known to demonstrate some of the "action" with his hand gestures. We also appreciate the frequent treats that he brings in. Lyn was recognized a few years ago for her humanitarian activities. Among other things, she was deeply involved in the management of the Utica Care Center. They both have occasion to spend some time nearly every week at son Cheyene's Husker Headquarters in Lincoln. People like Jerry and Lyn are the kind that can and will help you out with any number of activities or problems. We certainly wish them many more years of carrying out their humanitarian work. 
I never knew Jerry when he looked like he does in this wedding picture. He does appear to look like the young man that would have done some of the things that his friends talk about. But, I must add that he has "matured" into the kind of person that has helped to make this country the great nation that it is. 

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