Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vrana Cousins in 1931

Here are some of the older Vrana cousins as they appeared in 1931 at the Grandparents place in Bee, NE.  Dick and Bob are twins on the left, then Ted the tall boy  and his brother Lindy. I have my arms over little George, and my sister Vivian is the only girl. There went on to be a total of 27 cousins with the youngest born in 1947. There were 4 others, Don, Doloros, Kenneth and Phillip who were around by the time of the picture but not old enough to stand up.  Several of the 27 are deceased but Ted, the oldest has celebrated his 92 birthday.Vivian and I were "town kids" at that time, but we moved to the farm the next year and I started wearing overalls. We have been a close group over the years with our latest "reunion" just a few weeks ago. We also continue to have a "Cousins  Newsletter" sent out every 2 months thanks to the efforts of one of our youngest cousins. Our Grandmother had an impact on all of us and challenged everyone by telling each of us what great things our cousins were doing.

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