Saturday, July 5, 2014

Old Favorites

Seward's 4th of July parade yesterday was an outstanding display of old vehicles, tractors, politicians, Czech Queens, Alumni reunion groups, horses, bands, etc. One of my favorites was this Model A Ford. I believe it is a 1930 model. We had a '29 two-door that was very similar but the hub caps were a bit smaller. It was our family car until we got a '37 Chevy when Vivian and I were Juniors in HS. The Model A is what Vivian and I both learned to drive and what we drove to HS the first couple years. I had my first "date" by taking a girl to a movie  but Vivian had to drive because I didn't have a license.
While this rig wasn't in the parade, it was at the old tractor display that I walked past on my way home from singing at the Civic Center. The tractor was a '46 JD "A". We had a '44 A JD and got a 2-row mounted Lister identical to this one in about '46 and I had to put it together. It was only a couple years later when we started putting in terraces and planting on the contour. It wasn't easy with a mounted Lister but would have been impossible without one. The machines I grew-up with were so simple by comparison to what is used today. I believe vehicles and farm machinery have reached a level of maturity but you wonder.

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