Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sadie and Family

We are having a great week with Jon, Mary and Anna plus Tim and Tony all being here from Virginia and Indiana. Carolyn and Ben as well as Julie, John and Sadie are also spending special time with us. Sadie is the center of attention when she is here, but we get into some pretty heavy discussions in the evenings when we all sit in a circle in the living room. We have covered the differences between private and public sector employment. Last night we talked about Salaried and Hourly Wage employees and tonight we covered initial employment. This prompted personal experience stories of interviews and the pathway to employment. As we moved to the more personal stories, we heard some things that neither Elaine nor I were previously aware of. That is part of the joy of getting family together and  having the kind of relationship that enables sharing such information. Our conversations are usually on the light side when Sadie is around. She is a bundle of energy and goes from one thing to another at our amazement. Here is something Jon put together about her. 

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