Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day in Seward, NE

My Veterans Day activities began at 8:30 this morning when the Kitones sang at the Middle School. The Seward VFW and American Legion presented the Colors, the 8th Grade Band played the National Anthem, one young man led the Pledge of
Allegiance and another read, "In Flanders Field". The Middle School Principal recognized the Veterans present and acknowledged all of America's Veterans with appropriate comments.We Kitones sang, "America The Beautiful", "This Is My Country", and "American Heroes". There were a couple hundred students present with many dressed in red or white Tee shirts that depicted the stripes of the flag as they sat on their designated rows in the stands. The Veterans and Service Members and their families were rightfully acknowledged and provided an opportunity for further fellowship and refreshment in the cafeteria.
Veterans and their families were also invited to a special noon dinner at the Lied Senior Center where the Kitones provided the entertainment following a delicious Cordon Bleu meal with Cheese Cake and Cherries for dessert. The Veterans that attend these events are getting older and as we sang, "American Heroes" that  recognizes the various branches of the Service, many of them just raised their hand instead of standing. I too recognized the age factor after standing at some length to sing so used my cane to go for a walk on a beautiful Nebraska afternoon with temperatures in the mid-sixties and very little wind. A good day for those who did so much to protect and preserve out liberty to be out and be publicly recognized. God Bless America and all Veterans of this Great Country.

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