Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An old Crow's Tale

Carolyn sent me this old crow some time ago that appears to be caught in the chain of "time" and unable to reach the spoon of nourishment. This old crow (Vrana) is caught up in eastern Nebraska weather today that prohibited golf playing. Had I tried, the pain would have exceeded the pleasue by several orders of magnitude. Our high temperature occured early this morning and dropped during the day with light rain and strong northerly winds, . I didn't see any snowflakes but they were reported all around us. But, it's been a great fall for golfing and enjoying the beauty of nature. While I didn't even think of contesting my record of 91 consecutive days of golfing set 3-years ago, yesterday was my 49th. On September 12th, Elaine, son Verlon and I went out to the golf course and picked bag worms off a 10' spruce tree that we planted some years ago. I also wanted to be home  during the afternoon when son Jon was coming in from Washington, D.C. so I didn't golf that day. If I had golfed instead of picking bag worms, yesterday would have been #80. I also missed playing on August 12th because of  an Opthomologist appointment when dilated eyes kept me from going out. If I had not missed those 2 days, yesterday would have been #102. There is something about this story that reminds me of the old saying that, "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas".

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