Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dr. Winter

. As part of our Kiwanis Veterans Day program yesterday, Dr. Byron Winter said a few words and mentioned his involvement in Viet Nam. He went back to Iowa State after being discharged and earned a degree to become a Veterinarian. He set-up his first practice here in Seward and continues to be a stalwart in the community. His practice has evolved over the years from  treating large animals to today's main involvement with pets but he still gets down to the office every day. He played on the ISU football team while in college and has an office wall full of medals won over the years in the Nebraska Olympics. He was a hurdler and runner well into his 70's. He's told many interesting stories but none tops the one about rushing to a call south of town and being pursued by a police officer for speeding. It seems that Doc was on his way to the barn where a cow was having a difficult deliver when the officer caught up with him. The officer was somewhat taken aback when Doc got him involved in handing him tools to complete a successful operation. I don't think Doc ever got that speeding ticket. (Ignore the date shown on the picture, it was taken on 11/7/11)

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