Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Farm Adventure

Another of our "Adventures" at the farm included unplugging the outlet tube. Here is the way I described in in my 1986 narrative.
"We had a heavy rain in mid-March following unseasonably warm weather that melted the ice off the pond with a lot of runoff going through the dam’s outlet pipe. The woody debris plugged the pipe at the junction of the 30” riser and 24” outlet pipe.  Water was setting a few inches higher than the inlet elevation with the 10’ riser full of water.  I used an old “corn rake” with a 10’ handle that John Meyer had left in the granary, and was able to get it unplugged and flushed through. It was as though “Divine Providence” provided me the ideal tool to do the job. While we debated the question of selling the farm, that evening we agreed to sell; the only question remaining was price."
This picture was taken soon after we got it unplugged and while water was still draining down. The re-bar cage over the inlet was to prevent any large limbs from getting in and the white steel baffle was to prevent turbulence. Just another adventure in Farm Living.  


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