Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adding to My Life Story

I had thought about writing a “Life Story” for some time and when we got our first computer in 1993, the project was started. (Fortunately, it still isn’t finished). My 7, 5-year Diaries and Annual Journals, thousands of pictures, boxes of historic documents, a wealth of memorabilia, internet information, along with Elaine and my memories, have made it possible. The first 20 Chapters began with, “The Early Years” and went through, “Back in Nebraska”.
Then, in 1982 I started writing each calendar year as a chapter which has been continued on a sporadic basis. Some years since ’85 I’ve written as much as 20 pages and nothing for about half the years since then. With the golf season winding down and the regularity of my coffee klatch in question, I hope to make some progress beginning with 1986, twenty-five years ago. It was a busy year with us living in town and keeping the farm house available for weekends and special events. My job kept me busy as we worked on studies of the Sandhills and a Soil Conservation Strategy for the State. Our motor home was utilized sparingly but with a major trip back to Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina. We flew down to“The Valley” of Texas and had a short taste of “snow birding” for the first time. Doing the 1986 narrative should be interesting and bring back many plesant memories.

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