Saturday, November 5, 2011

Keystone XL Pipeline

When I read that President Obama would be making the final Federal decision on the Trans Canada Keystone XL pipeline, the following scenario emerged in my mind. He will not make the decision without coming to Nebraska to visit the Sandhills. The difficulty of the decision has been well publicized and he can not afford to lose the vote of Union workers nor the Environmental community. Though over 90% of the land easements have already been signed and many payments made, there must be a couple reluctant Sandhills ranchers. To by-pass them, Trans Canada officials might be amenable to moving the pipeline location a short distance to where obtaining easements may be more readily obtained if that would assure approval. This can all be worked-out ahead of his visit. As he looks over the grass covered, eastern edge of the sandhills, he can announce that an agreement has been reached to move the pipeline location further east. All sides can claim some degree of victory and the President can take credit for resolving a difficult issue and contributing to the Country's Economic Recovery & Energy Independence.  

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