Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Color

This was the view out our bedroom window a couple days ago as the sun shown on the Japanese Maple with our Blue Spruce in the background. While the maple leaves are particularly vibrant this time of year, they are actually very red throughout the spring and summer. The blue spruce is always attractive but at it's peak in the spring as the colorful new growth emerges. As it weathers during the summer, the soft, new growth gets firm and lives up to it's reputation as a "Sprickly Spruce" as compared to a "Friendly Fir". Both are great trees and it's a pleasure to watch them grow. If you are a "Tree Planter", you know that most plantings "Turn-out" better than we expect, but often they are not perfect specimens. I heard an old nurseryman tell a customer who complained about the shape of a blue spruce tree, that "Trees are a lot like people, they're not perfect". Nebraska 17 Penn State 14

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