Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snoopy and Me

Snoopy disclosed his system for getting to sleep on those times when it seems our eyes are as big as saucers and sleep seems impossible. I have used a system similar to Snoopy's for some time with an important addition. When I have wrestled with problems that keep me awake at night and can't come up with any solution, I turn them over to God for his consideration and guidance. Then, in my mind, I tee off on the par 5, #1 Yellow tee box at the Seward Country Club. My tee shot takes me part way up the hill and depending upon the lie, will use a 7 iron or my 3-wood to get me on the fairway some 125 yards out. Depending on the pin placement, it will take a 6-iron or even my "hybrid" if I have rolled off into the rough. If I'm lucky, (and in my thoughts, I usually am) I'm on the green with 2 putts for par. The putts take considerable concentration and occasionally it takes 3 to get down. Then I go on to the short par 3, #2 hole and hopefully get on the green with my tee shot, etc, etc, etc. I don't remember of ever getting past #7 and usually by the time I've crossed the pond on #4, the game is over. If you have a problems getting to sleep, try it sometime. It works for Snoopy and me and you don't even have to get out of bed. 

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