Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chilly Day but Good Food

This is how we finished our evening meal a few minutes ago. Elaine's home made cherry pie followed roast pork, boiled potatoes, gravy and red cabbage; one of my favorite meals. It was appropriate to have such a good meal on a day that never got above 35 degrees. Fortunately, the sun did shine and there was little wind. Nebraskans are still getting over the utter collapse of the football team yesterday but took heart in the win of the girls volley ball match last night and the basket ball team this afternoon. I talked to Verlon and Tim on the phone this afternoon and will probably be in touch with Jon during the evening. I did some more writing on my 1986 narrative  and included the fact that Federal annuitants didn't receive the 3.17% COLA in 1986 as triggered by the Consumer Price Index cost of living index. I'm sure the Joint Congressional Committee coming up with budget reductions is well aware of that precedent. So, topping off a great meal with a piece of delicious pie was appreciated.

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