Thursday, November 17, 2011

Farm Experience

Yesterday I wrote of adding to my Life Story. This afternoon I finished reading the Month of January 1986 in my Journal and scanned selected pictures of that period. It's time consuming but not real labor intensive. Many memories are "restored" and some things are brought back to life that had been completely forgotten. Most impressive is of how many things we were involved with on any given day, how hard we worked and how much we got done. Coming across the names of people and events that I referred to in the Journal miraculously triggers dormant memories and takes one back to the time it was written. All-in-all it's a very pleasurable way to spend a chilly, mid-November day with the temperature trying to get up to 50 degrees and a strong wind blowing. Not fit for golfing.
On New Year's Day, 1986, we took Carolyn & Julie (The girls) and went out to the farm. "We took the tractor, pick-up, and Buick all down across the ice. The girls went ice skating. We cut wood. I pulled Julie on the sled with the tractor."
The ice appreared to be several inches in depth and very solid but looking back, it scares me to think of the chance we were taking. There could easily have been some soft spots with the number of trees in the water and the springs below the pond. Our "Guardian Angle" was with us on this occasion and many other instances at the farm. Julie celebrated her 6th birthday a few days later, she had many interesting experiences that can only be encountered on a farm.

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